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Organic Cold-Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil

Rs. 210.00

Shoonya wellness oils are produced using certified organic seeds and nuts. First, top-notch quality ingredients are sourced and then a cold-pressed, single-stage method is used to extract the Pumpkin seed oil. This technique ensures that all the natural nutrients and vitamins remain preserved and add an even richer flavor to the oil.

● Fights inflammation

● Helps reduce blood pressure

● May relieve anxiety and depression

● Helps to regulate hormones

● Can improve sleep quality


This technique of extracting oils from nuts & seeds ensures that all the wonderful nutrients are locked in the oil with a rich flavor and taste.

Color: Shades of maroon

Flavor profile: Rich nutty taste and aroma

How to use: Salad dressing • Finishing oil on top of a dish • Suitable for savory and sweet dishes

Why we offer this product: Cold-Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil aligns with the Shoonya principles of 0 Pesticides 0 Adulteration 0 Unethical Treatment. It is beneficial for consumption and also adds value to our farmer-producers. When you buy Shoonya Pumpkin Seed Oil, know that you have contributed in some way to a bigger cause.

● Non-GMO

● 100% vegan

● No chemicals

● No impurities

● Minimally processed

Taste, color and texture may vary due to seasonal changes.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Organic Cold-Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil

Rs. 210.00