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Organic Cold-Pressed Kalonji Oil

Rs. 325.00

Shoonya wellness oils are produced using certified organic seeds and nuts. First, top-notch quality ingredients are sourced and then a cold-pressed, single-stage method is used to extract the Kalonji oil. This technique ensures that all the natural nutrients and vitamins remain preserved and add an even richer flavor to the oil.

● Stimulates hair growth

● Helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles

● Alleviates acne, rashes, psoriasis and eczema

● May aid in diabetic conditions

● Fights bacterial infections


This technique of extracting oils from nuts & seeds ensures that all the wonderful nutrients are locked in the oil with a rich flavor and taste.

Color: Dark amber to light black

Flavor profile: Strong, bitter notes

How to use: Consume 1 tsp daily with honey or as recommended • Apply topically to skin and hair

Why we offer this product: Cold-Pressed Kalonji Oil aligns with the Shoonya principles of 0 Pesticides 0 Adulteration 0 Unethical Treatment. It is beneficial for consumption and also adds value to our farmer-producers. When you buy Shoonya Kalonji Oil, know that you have contributed in some way to a bigger cause.

● Non-GMO

● 100% vegan

● No chemicals

● No impurities

● Minimally processed

Taste, color and texture may vary due to seasonal changes.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Organic Cold-Pressed Kalonji Oil

Rs. 325.00