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Khandsari Sugar

Rs. 110.00Rs. 225.00

Shoonya Khandsari Sugar is made from organic sugarcane that is purified with natural vegetable extracts. Using traditional methods, farmers convert fresh cane syrup into raw "desi khand” - a much healthier & tastier alternative to refined sugar.

Khandsari Sugar has more nutrients and fiber than regular sugar, making it the perfect sugar substitute.

● Consistency: Crystallized, smooth

● Color: White to off-white

● Flavor profile: Delicate, mild

● Pairing: With a neutral flavor, Khandsari pairs well with anything

DID YOU KNOW? Shoonya Khandsari Sugar comes from a small village in Uttarakhand, where farmers have been growing food without chemicals or pesticides for generations.

Disclaimer: Taste and color may vary due to seasonal changes.

Care instructions: Store in a cool and dry place.

Khandsari Sugar

Rs. 110.00Rs. 225.00