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Eat Right

At Shoonya, we take great pride in making unadulterated A2 desi-cow milk products and chemical-free farm produce available for our consumers.


With food adulteration and pesticide use rampant in pretty much anything and everything that we consume nowadays, it’s no wonder that hospitals are cropping up on every street corner and pharma is one of the most money-making industries. And to imagine that this exponential rise in health problems due to lifestyle issues has mainly arisen in the last 70-80 years! That’s right - our predominant focus on quantity over quality has led us to use chemicals excessively and ruin not only our health, but the soil, water bodies and the air that we breathe as well.


With that being said, Shoonya is a small initiative to reverse this damage - both inward and outward - by taking to natural farming techniques. It’s quite simple. We use desi cow manure to strengthen our soil and desi cow urine to keep away pests. The result is healthy soil and chemical-free products that don't just satisfy your taste buds, but nourish you from within.