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Organic Mustard Honey

Rs. 255.00Rs. 399.00

Shoonya Organic Mustard Honey is collected from the boundless mustard fields of Rajasthan & UP. Mustard was always recognized by our fore-fathers as a traditional superfood and widely appreciated for its versatile uses. Mustard can inhibit cancerous cell growth due to its chemo-preventive quality, according to research. Mustard boosts metabolism, regulates blood pressure and is good for digestive health.

Why we offer this product: Mustard Honey aligns with the Shoonya principles of 0 Pesticides 0 Adulteration 0 Unethical Treatment. It is beneficial for consumption and also adds value to our farmer-producers. When you buy Shoonya Mustard Honey, know that you have contributed in some way to a bigger cause.

Mustard Honey may boost immunity, lower cholesterol levels and enhance overall health.

  • This Honey is well-known and widely accepted for rebuilding properties that boost the body’s immunity in general and strengthen the respiratory system.
  • It is helpful to fight against digestive issues.
  • Even its consumption can secure several diseases.
  • With the help of litchi honey, you can improve your blood circulation too.
  • It is a natural immunity booster.


  • Consistency: Crystallizes quickly, spreadable, smooth
  • Color: White to pale yellow or amber
  • Flavor profile: Mild, floral, delicate notes
  • Pairing: Use Mustard Honey as a spread on crisp, buttered toast (homemade butter is ideal)

Is your honey flavored?

Shoonya Mustard Honey is NOT flavored honey! Mustard is the primary flora from which our busy bees collect their nectar, resulting in a honey which is unique in taste, texture and health properties. It is completely pure, natural honey and we do not add ANY flavor / essence / additive.

Where is your honey from?

We get our Multi-flora honey from the Sivalik forests in the outer Himalayas.

Why buy Shoonya honey?

Regular, factory-made honey usually contains additives like inverted sugar or high fructose corn syrup to increase its quantity and ensure uniformity, which has disastrous effects on health. Mass-produced honey also generally undergoes a lot of processing, which removes its beneficial nutrients like pollen and reduces its level of antioxidants. Shoonya honey is collected from the Litchi plantations of Uttarakhand from where the bees naturally get their nectar and make into honey. After collecting the honey we heat it just enough to be able to filter it and pour it into a glass jar. With 0 additives and minimal processing, the honey retains all its wonderful benefits and natural goodness.

Why is your honey crystallizing?

Natural, raw, 100% pure honey crystallizes due to the presence of natural sugars in it. Honey contains the two sugars: glucose and fructose. The content of each depends on the kind of flower from which the bees collect nectar. The proportion of these two sugars determines whether the honey will crystallize, how rapidly it will do so and whether it will from tiny or large particles.

What is crystallized honey?

Many people assume crystallized honey to be spoilt or adulterated. However, crystallization of honey is a natural process. The crystallization process only happens to raw, natural honey that hasn't undergone any type of processing. Processed honey normally undergoes excessive treatment and filtering in order to retain its uniformity and texture at all times. You will notice mass-produced honey stays liquid throughout the year. In order to homogenize it, it has been stripped of all its natural goodness . Needless to say, crystallization of honey is a beautiful process and reaffirms that one is consuming real honey as opposed to a factory-made solution.

Can I consume crystallized honey?

Absolutely! In fact some people actually prefer crystallized honey and use it as a spread on toast or crackers. However, if you prefer liquid honey, you can place the honey jar in sunlight or in hot (not boiling) water. Once the honey is liquefied, you can use how you would normally.

What are the little bubbles on top of the honey?

Raw unprocessed honey may contain some white foam on top. That is nothing but bits of pollen, propolis, wax and raw honey trapped in air bubbles. It’s not only natural but delicious as well!

How will the delivery be done?

We have tied up with trusted delivery partners such as ShipRocket and Pickerr.

How long does delivery take?

Depending upon your location, delivery can take about 3-7 days from day of order placement.

How is my order processed?

Once we receive your order, we perform a quality check, pack and seal the products and label them for delivery. Our shipping partner then picks the order up and delivers it to the address mentioned.

Is it safe to use my credit/ debit card on Shoonya?

Absolutely, our website is 100% secure and we use India's trusted payment gateway: RazorPay, for all our transactions.

How can I make payment?

One can pay through credit/debit card, UPI, netbanking and wallets like Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, etc.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact our support team over call/whatsapp at 7540900800 or 9643043547. You can also email us at


Care instructions

Store in a cool and dry place.

Usage instructions

  • Honey can be used as a substitute for sugar.
  • Have it with tea, toast, desserts, cereal or simply as it is!
  • Natural honey tends to crystallize and can be liquefied by placing in hot water or sunlight.
  • Make sure to never apply direct heat to honey as it can turn toxic.


Organic Mustard Honey

Rs. 255.00Rs. 399.00