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Thoughtful wedding return gift ideas in your budget

A hint of nostalgia

‘Return gifts’, isn’t it something we all relate to, a little too well? And why not? After all, it instantly takes us back to our childhood when going to a friend’s birthday party became all the more exciting with a surprise return gift from them. Kids or adults, the idea of getting something back home from a celebration runs a thrill down the bloodstream and we just cannot deny that. So this wedding season, how about rekindling a favourite childhood memory and luring your special guests with a heartfelt token of love as a thank-you gesture? 

We know it’s easier said than done because picking out some alluring wedding return gifts for your loved ones can be tricky especially if you are emphasising something that encapsulates your love and their well-being.

Fret not and brace yourself for an exciting ride where we exhibit some fantastic wedding return gift ideas for relatives and friends that will not only bring a smile to their faces but also add a touch of warmth and hospitality to your special event. 

Wedding return gift ideas that are thoughtful and not too heavy on your pocket

No matter how much we want to make our dear ones happy on our special occasion, the mere thought of exceeding the budget can spoil the fun in no time. With that in mind, we have itemised some budget-friendly return gift ideas that rightly capture your feelings too. 

A Tiny Treat Box for the sweet ones

We all have at least one person in our close circle who is nothing less than a melting marshmallow. It’s time to give some sweetness back to that honeyed soul with our humble Treat Box oozing with the goodness of Organic Nectar Honey, Organic Sweetener, and Natural Dark Chocolate. There you go, your special return gifts for marriage are all set to sweep your friend off their feet and that too naturally!

A Mini Therapy Box for spa lovers

While you were conceptualising the idea of treating your friends or bridesmaids, if you are a bride-to-be, with a lingering experience, we curated a perfect match for someone who rejoices in the luxury of a spa. Want to know what is there in it that will totally entice your bridesmaids? Well, this intriguing box comes with a Natural Cow Milk Soap, a bottle of Aromatherapy Essential Oil, and a Soy Wax Candle which is enough to make someone feel extra cared for. 

Oh! And this could be a hand-in-glove deal if you’re looking for luxurious marriage return gifts under Rs 1000. Phew! We feel so relaxed that you found your ideal match.

A Yummy Box for the health conscious pal

In every group of besties, there is always someone whom we saw staying away from all the junk we devoured on the streets while in school, or in the college canteens. Isn’t it? As much as we hated them back then, we now secretly admire them and know that they were right all along. Bearing that admiration in our hearts, we have curated a box of healthy happiness with the yumminess of Ragi Jowar Muesli, Millet Cookie, Natural Peanut Butter, Multi-Grain Namkeen, and Natural Protein Drink Mix. Are they going to go gaga over this Yummy Box? Big time!

What is so unique about our products?

Shoonya products are everything that you picture when someone mentions naturally produced, ethically sourced, and traditionally made! We take pride in boisterously declaring our produce as completely devoid of pesticides, impurities, and adulteration. 

While creating our gifting ensemble, our primary goal was to cater to people’s emotions which brims them up when thinking of a perfect gift for their precious ones. We made it a point to keep it as pure and pious as your most cherished relationships, and the result is arrayed right here for you. Now you don’t have to wander to come across some exceptional marriage return gift ideas as we’ve made your job a lot easier. All you have to do is select the best-suited hampers and products from our exclusive curation and share a gesture of gratitude and appreciation.