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4 Favourable Factors for a Hygienic and Productive Cow Dairy Farm

Dairy farming is a process that includes breeding,  milking and keeping the cows safe within enclosed premises. Every dairy farm has a separate cattle house where the cows are kept maintaining all hygiene factors. The daily activities of the cows like eating, sleeping, and breathing take place within the cattle housing premises. It is essential to make proper housing arrangements for cows to procure the best quality organic milk from the animal. Some of the best cow dairy farms in Noida maintain hygiene to reduce contagious diseases from occurring within the dairy farm. A healthy dairy farm promotes good quality milk. Read on to know more about the effective factors of a Dairy farm. What factors should be considered for a hygienic and effective dairy farm? Proper weather conditions Proper weather conditions play an important role to make a dairy farm successful. Cows are not adaptable to every type of temperature. If the dairy farm's temperature is very high, then the cows would require water and feed frequently. Hence maintaining a reasonable amount of normal temperature within the dairy farm is essential for the betterment of the cows. Availability of sufficient water sources Water is one of the major requirements of every dairy farm. The more water you feed to your cow, the more milk the cow will produce. To ensure hygienic and organic milk production, make sure that the dairy farm is located near a river, lake, or pond. It is essential to keep the available water sources running throughout the year. Lack of water might impact the health of the cows.  Good quality feed and fodder To keep the cows healthy and ensure their organic milk production, green fodder needs to be fed. To ensure the unlimited flow of green fodder, many dairy farms resort to the cultivation of green fodder within the dairy premises. Also, a dairy farm owner must ensure that order availability is unlimited.  Availability of electricity For a dairy farm to function effectively, it is essential that electricity should be available all year round. Various machines, including shaft cutter milking machines and ventilation fans, need to be operated using high sources of energy and power. Hence non-availability of electricity will hamper the complete milk production process.  At Shoonya Farms, we maintain complete hygiene within our dairy farms, and our cows consume fresh green fodder specially designed for nutritious feed. For the best quality A2 milk, contact us.

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