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Posts tagged: Gir Cow Ghee

Why Gir Cow Ghee Is A Nutritious Option for Human Consumption?

Indian cuisines are incomplete with a spoonful of ghee. Ghee adds to the flavour and creates an aromatic smell in the dish. Along with taste, Gir ghee, out of the different varieties of ghee, also has innumerable nutritional benefits that you can enjoy with every spoon of consumption. Good quality Gir cow ghee online is available from authentic farms who majorly use A2 milk to produce this pure form of ghee. How is Gir cow ghee prepared? Gir cow ghee is made with zero shortcuts, and the milk used is procured from pure-bred Gir cows. A2 milk taken from the Gir cows is used for preparing Gir cow ghee. Read on to know more about the correct way of preparing Gir cow ghee. Step 1: Firstly, the Gir cows are fed with organic fodder and using the traditional way, A2 milk is procured from the Gir cows. The same is then boiled and cultured with healthy bacteria. Step 2: The curd is then churned out through the bilona process, and the butter is heated on an actual fire. Step 3: In the last process, the buttermilk is separated from the ghee to increase the same consistency. Why is Gir cow ghee nutritionally beneficial for the body? Compared to normal ghee, consuming A2 Gir cow ghee provides many health benefits to your body. Here's why consuming Gir cow ghee might help you. Improves immunity power: Ghee is known to be a good source for boosting the body's immunity power. Gir Ghee is said to have high levels of antioxidants, which help boost the body's natural immune system. Consuming this ghee might also help increase the human body's ability to absorb nutrients. Bone strengthening quality: The presence of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K helps improve the strength of the bones. Thus children are fed items cooked with Gir ghee. The ghee is also a good supplier of fat to the body and induces energy within the body. Reduces inflammation: A butyric acid is a form of acid that is a major component of Gir cow ghee, and hence it might help prevent inflammation in the body when consumed daily. You'll also not face any problem in digesting Gir ghee. Buy the best quality Gir cow ghee online from Shoonya Farms. We not only house the purest breed of Gir cows at our farm, but also ensure that they are well fed and in a no-stress environment, so that the quality of the the ghee that you get is unparalleled. To know more about our products, check our website.