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4 Variants of Milk To Add Complete Nutritional Value

Milk is an essential food for Indians. In most households, the day begins with a glass of warm milk and ends with the same. The versatile range of health benefits that milk offers have made the same a popular option that must be included in the diet chart of every individual. Apart from direct consumption, milk is also used widely to prepare desserts, delicacies and in the confectionery industry. It has been scientifically proven that a glass of cow milk is a substitute for a completely balanced meal. In Indian tradition, milk is an effective curing agent for many ailments. However, remember to approach authentic cow dairy farms in Noida for the best quality milk.Besides cow milk, soya and buffalo milk are also quite popular in Indian culture. Here’s a list of different milk varieties you can opt for depending on your health requirements. What are the different types of milk that you can try consuming? Traditional cow milk Traditional cow milk is obtained from dairy farms and is rich in protein, vitamins and nutrients. Regular milk contains A1 and A2 forms of beta-casein. Consumption of the same helps strengthen bones, boosts immunity and energises your mornings. Many of the milk products in Noida are made from traditional cow milk. A2 Milk This is the purest form of milk available. They are free from pesticides, adulterations and impurities. Cow dairy farms in Noida generally use majestic cows like Gir, Sahiwal, Rathi etc., to produce A2 milk. The cows are fed fresh green fodder free from pesticides so that the purest form of milk is extracted. Organic cow milk Like A2 milk, this is also free from chemicals and high in nutrients. It is a good option for people of all ages and easy to digest. This is one of the popular natural milk options available. Lactose-free milk For people who are lactose intolerant, lactose-free milk is a boon. This is available in dairy as well as non-dairy variations. Non-dairy options for lactose-free milk include almond, soya, and oat. On the contrary, if you’re looking for dairy options, then buy lactose-free milk as mentioned on the packets. Here lactose is added to the fresh cow milk to break down the same, making it easier to digest.For the best quality A2 milk, approach Shoonya Farms. We produce pure A2 milk with zero adulteration, pesticides, and impurities. To know more, check our website.

4 Favourable Factors for a Hygienic and Productive Cow Dairy Farm

Dairy farming is a process that includes breeding,  milking and keeping the cows safe within enclosed premises. Every dairy farm has a separate cattle house where the cows are kept maintaining all hygiene factors. The daily activities of the cows like eating, sleeping, and breathing take place within the cattle...

Why A2 Organic Cow Milk in Delhi is the Best Nutritional Option for Children?

A2 cow milk is a vital option for children's nutritional development and bone and brain growth. Out of all the different types of milk available in the market, organic cow milk in Delhi is in high demand because it is pure and healthy. They have zero pesticides, zero adulteration and...

4 Things That Makes Organic Cow Milk Better Than Others

Milk is a highly nutritional food option. If you drink a glass of milk, you consume large quantities of calcium, vitamins, fatty acids, magnesium. Hence, milk is rightly considered to be the most nutritious beverage in the world. However, with the market being flooded with many milk products, it is...

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