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Know About the Perks of Drinking A-2 Desi Cow Milk

A glass of milk is often regarded as a whole meal, fulfilling for the human body. On a daily basis, dairy products account for almost 15% of our diet. You use it to make tea, coffee, pour it over the breakfast cereals. So, when it comes to choosing milk for everyday consumption, you should never compromise on its quality. Most people prefer buying A2 Pure Organic Milk from the dairy farms. It is free of chemical preservatives that makes you stay healthy, fit and disease free.

Desi Milk: A Growing Choice

Farming For Mass Production

Most of the dairy farms operating today are steeped in commercialization. They function as mega-diaries which house thousands of cows together in miserable conditions. The farmers keep the cows in confinement and feed them a grain diet. They also inject hormones and antibiotics into their bodies. Industrialization has forced these farmers to breed cows to increase milk production volume. Later, this chemically processed milk is sold at a lower price in the market. 

How Organic Farming Changed It

Evidence is in favor of dairy goods that are rich in nutritional value. The rise of organic farming is a revolution in the making. It is one among the other farming systems that are ethical and close to nature. Most importantly, they take care of the welfare of the animals. 

The quality of milk taken from pasture-raised, grass-fed indigenous cows is extraordinary. It is wholesome in quality and unadulterated. The cows here live and graze freely. By drinking their milk, you are bringing the best beverage for your family. Milk from grass-fed cows is like a fresh-from-the-farm kind and one of super food status. 

Organic milk is a simple choice that fit your lifestyle. The organic standards reflect what you want from your food. It manifests how the farmers care for the cows and how they process milk without synthetic chemicals. It promotes better health and well-being in the community. 

Benefits of A-2 Desi Cow Milk 

For most people, milk is just milk. However, all cows do not produce milk of the same quality. A2 Desi milk is an original protein produced from cows the farmers love, nurture and care for in their habitat. The milk is nutritious and pure. It also renders several health benefits that are unnoticeable. 

    1. It is safe for lactose-intolerant people.

      Studies state that A2 milk causes less inflammatory response in the bodies of lactose-intolerant people. It is quite the opposite when you drink A1 milk. Consuming A2 desi cow milk lessens the incidence of gastrointestinal problems. 

        2. It helps build strong bones

          A2 desi milk is a good source of calcium that strengthen the human bones. If you consume this milk daily, it can ensure healthy bones for your lifetime. You can also drink the milk indirectly with your cereals, smoothies, oats and other baked goodies. 

            3. It is Nutrient rich and Effective

              The A2 quality desi milk is rich in mineral and vitamin content. Free from antibiotics and growth hormones, every sip of this milk tastes natural. The primary protein content is β-casein, which helps in building muscle tissues, blood and skin. Other components are vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B12. It also contains omega-three fatty acids. 

              High doses of nutritional minerals in the desi milk help control blood pressure. Those with mood disorders can notice a significant reduction of symptoms. It will strengthen your immune system and keep your eyes healthy. 

              Premium Quality Desi Raw A-2 Milk at Shoonya

              Our variety of milk available at Shoonya Farms has zero adulteration, pesticides and impurity. We collect milk from the majestic indigenous cows of Tharparkar, Gir, Sahiwal and Rathi. The cows are pure bred and given a nutritious green feed to produce superior quality tasty milk.

              We are certified to produce goods organically, without any synthetic processing. Hence, every customer gets a guarantee of its quality and consumption.

              Our ethical farming methods promote environmental sustainability. We aim to make our products competitively priced when compared to shelf items in the supermarkets. The milk is enriched with antioxidants that boost the immune system. After expert testing, we pack the products professionally in compliance with regulatory norms.