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Why organic farm products make the best corporate gifts

The sight of fallen leaves rings a bell

Seasons are changing and the chilly crisp winds announce the advent of holidays and festivals that are around the corner. Hey! Are you forgetting something? Allow us to remind you. With the festive season approaching, and you being filled with joy and gratitude, as a corporate head, you might want to share this elation with your clients, employees, and stakeholders. Wondering what could be the best present to show how grateful you are for your associates? In that case, you have landed in just the right place! It delights us to showcase our assorted treasure troves making for the best corporate gift ideas for clients.

The exquisite range of gift hampers to win over your comrades

The corporate world is experiencing a turnaround wherein, unlike before, it cares about making its employees and clients feel special and valued. Hence, the ritual of presenting festive and personalised corporate gifts has been rampant for all good reasons.

We know that picking up the absolute gift boxes for employees of an organisation is not as easy as pie. However, we have managed to do the work for you. Take some time out to eye our heartwarming collection of quintessential corporate gifts.

Be the ray of light with our Diwali Box

Although celebrations should not be slaves to occasions, festivals still hold an exceptional place in our hearts. Ever wondered why? Perhaps, because they bring people closer to one another and fuel the flow of love and gaiety. 

In the corporate world, one spends nearly 12 hours of their day with one’s colleagues, going on to become a part of a large family and find a sense of belonging. As a company chief, this calls for being the light in the lives of your teammates with our alluring Diwali Box. 

Shoonya brings to life, your idea of the best Diwali gifts for clients with an assortment of a Beautiful Lakshmi Ganesh Set and 4 Lotus Diyas which cannot wait to grace one’s festival of lights. 

Let them unwind with the Radiance Box

As a CEO of an organisation, you are often required to show that you genuinely care but rare are the opportunities to show that actually you do. 

Our Radiance Box gives you the chance to let your employees and clients unwind and indulge in the relaxing Homemade Chai Spice Mix and Moringa Infusion Tea along with the nourishing goodness of Organic A2 Desi Ghee, Organic Nectar Honey and Organic Sweetener. Moreover, to give it a festive finishing touch, there is a Brass Coated Leaf Ganesh. 

Make them go gourmet with our Supreme Box

Just as gourmet symbolises relishing in the finer things in life, the corporate world demands nurturing the delicate relationships within and outside an organisation which involves periodic appreciation and gratitude towards one another. 

With this analogy in mind, Shoonya has gathered the carefully chosen bounties of nature bolstering both physical and emotional health.

Let’s demystify this mystery Supreme Box together - It overflows with some naturally sourced kitchen and health essentials, namely; Wood-Pressed Mustard Oil, Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil, Herbal Infusion Tea, Homemade Chai Spice Mix, Millet Protein Drink Mix, Organic A2 Desi Ghee, Organic Nectar Honey, Natural Dark Chocolate Spread, and Organic Sweetener. Isn’t this all warm and cosy? After all, holidays are all about sweet, spice and all things nice! What could be a more useful Diwali gifts for employees and clientele? We bet you don't have an answer to that! 

Plump for what tempts you

The elegant collection is designed with just one thought, which is to put in sheer hard work and relentless efforts only to make the art of gifting a piece of cake for you.

Per the popular saying, “A bit of appreciation goes a long way”, pampering your employees and clients with sweet little boxes of delectables is the ultimate thing to do! 

Browse more to discover the miracles of nature concocted for your corporate families, and plump for, not just one, but a bunch of traditional sweet boxes.

We know you love them and value them like anything but sometimes voicing your feelings doesn't harm. This will form long-lasting relationships beyond work and help you keep your core strength happy and content.

On that note, don’t forget to glance at our amazing swag bags which make for exemplary corporate Christmas hampers for your prized employees.

Why only organic products?

Since organic signifies purity and Shoonya deals in everything natural, it becomes our prime concern to ensure what reaches you, beams with light and magic with a promise of good health. What also occupies our purpose is the well-being of our farmers, entrepreneurs and above all, the environment. 

Our accomplished adepts look out for optimal usage of avant-garde technology to facilitate organic farming and achieve excellence while meeting the needs of our consumers ethically with a far-sighted approach.