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4 Things That Makes Organic Cow Milk Better Than Others

Milk is a highly nutritional food option. If you drink a glass of milk, you consume large quantities of calcium, vitamins, fatty acids, magnesium. Hence, milk is rightly considered to be the most nutritious beverage in the world. However, with the market being flooded with many milk products, it is important to understand that not every milk product is nutritious.

Organic cow milk is considered to be the purest form of milk available nowadays. Organic milk is generally extracted from cows who are not treated by hormone injections or any antibiotics. Moreover, the organic cows consume organic fodder and generally graze in the natural pastures. Hence, it is an environmentally sustainable option, and the milk thus procured is very pure without any chemical mixtures. You can avail the options of organic cow milk delivery online in Delhi from reputed farms.

Why is organic cow milk the best?

High nutritional value

Organic milk is high in nutrients compared to the normal milk options. Although conventional kinds of milk have the same nutrients, the percentage of nutrition in organic milk is higher. For instance, the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 is completely balanced in the case of organic milk. On the contrary, in conventional milk, there is no balance in the proportion of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

No mixture of hormone injections

Regular cow milk is generally obtained from the cows, which are treated with hormone injections and antibiotics. Antibiotics are harmful to both humans and animals both. Hence, when these harmful sources of antibiotics are injected into the cows' bodies, the same gets mixed with milk. Consuming these drugs through milk can cause long-term harm to your body. These antibiotics are generally absent in organic milk, which makes it a pure form of milk.

Authentic preservation

Organic milk is preserved scientifically and passed through the PHE pipelines and is chilled to around 4 degrees celsius. This technique is used to preserve the milk in a bacteria-free condition. This preservation method also helps to preserve the taste of the milk and make it safe for consumption purposes.

High-quality fodder

To procure organic milk, cows are fed healthy fodder, and all types of chemicals and injections are avoided. The cows are kept in clean, spacious and tidy barns. They are offered pesticide-free fodder and grass. Thus the milk produced is of the best quality.

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