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4 Sweeteners That Are Perfect and Healthy Substitutes of White Sugar

Cookies, sweets, ice-creams, shakes or cakes – life without these sweet desserts seems unmeaningful! However, every dessert you consume contains high amounts of refined white sugar. It is not a good practice to consume sugars daily because it may lead to diabetes and heart problems. Thus, healthy replacements are necessary for the same. 

Most confectionaries resort to different substitutes like jaggery powder, honey and Khandsari sugar to add sweetness to their products. Sweets play a major role in the life of every Indian, and you'll witness the love for sweets at every nook and corner of the world. The joy of festivals and celebrations are incomplete without the essence of sweets in the same. Hence, using these healthy replacements can help you to consume sweets without any guilt. 

What are the substitutes for sugar?

Jaggery powder

Jaggery powder is not only a sweetening substitute but also has high numbers of medicinal value. It is an excellent immunity booster and blood purifier as it contains zinc and selenium, and antioxidants. It is made out of the natural gur, which is also used in summers for preparing cool and refreshing drinks hence jaggery powder can also be used for refreshing drinks prepared during summers. Confectionaries are using jaggeries for sweetening cakes and cookies as a substitute for white sugar. As per Indian tradition, a high number of jaggery powder-based sweets are famous during the winters. 

Khandsari powder

Like jaggery powder, Khandsari sugar or Khaand sugar is extracted directly from the liquid jaggery. It is easily digestible and can be used in homemade products like preparing sweets, beverages and baking. It is far better than white sugar and has absolutely no side effects. Moreover, using this sweetener helps blood purification, improves stomach problems, helps digestion, and improves lung health. You can easily find Khandsari sugar online and purchase the same for your daily consumption. Highly-cost effective alternative to white sugar; you can use this for tea and coffee as well. 


For diabetic patients, honey is preferred over white sugar as it has very few side effects. Consuming honey in food or sweets helps to increase the insulin level, which helps control the blood sugar level in an individual's body. Hence, it is highly preferred over white sugar. Dieticians suggest consuming hot water with honey and lemon early in the morning to reduce weight and get rid of cough and cold problems. Honey is not only a good substitute for sweet but also has high medicinal value. Nowadays, you'll find awesome recipes where honey is used for muffins, cakes and pancakes. 

Brown sugar

Brown sugar has been in existence for a long time and is used effectively instead of sugar. Mostly it is used for baking cakes and cookies. However, for people who are not aware, brown sugar is a good substitute for white sugar and has health benefits. It is a great source of potassium, magnesium and vitamin B. Unlike white sugar, brown sugar prevents obesity and improves digestion. You can easily use brown sugar for barbeque purposes as well. 

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