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4 Major Benefits of Consuming Jaggery Powder Instead of Sugar

Jaggery powder which is commonly known as "gur", is a simple form of sugar extracted from the sugarcane, date palms, coconut sap and is an ideal sweetener that is high in Vitamins, folates, calcium, iron and phosphorus. You can effectively use jaggery powder for all types of bakery and confectionary items. Moreover, unlike sugar, this sweetener has loads of benefits enlisted against its name. For people under a strict diet, jaggery powder is void of all kinds of fats and hence is a boon for satisfying their sweet tooth.

Organic jaggery powder is commonly used nowadays, and since the taste is similar to that of white sugar, people consuming the same don't feel any particular difference. Depending on the quality of the juice produced, the colour of the jaggery may vary from light to dark brown. You can also buy organic jaggery online from reliable stores and use the same in place of white sugar for household cooking purposes.

Here's a list of benefits that certainly makes jaggery powder a winner in the run.

Why should you use organic jaggery powder?

Improves immunity

Antioxidants like selenium and zinc are present in jaggery powder, and hence if you consume the same daily, the immunity level will be boosted. Thus, the power to resist different infections increases. In case you're suffering from anaemia, then jaggery powder is certainly a blessing in disguise. It helps to increase the haemoglobin count in the blood. Hence, you can be assured of better energy levels once you start consuming the same.

Reduces blood sugar

Unlike white sugar, which is the potential cause of high blood sugar levels, jaggery powder has high potassium and sodium levels, which regulate the sugar level in an individual's body. Hence, if you're suffering from low or high blood sugar levels, consuming jaggery powder is an ideal solution.

Treats cold and flu

If you mix jaggery in lukewarm water and consume the same during the winters, then there's probability that you can avoid any cough, cold and flu. Jaggery has heat generating properties which make it an ideal drink during the winters.

Reduces weight

A moderate amount of jaggery intake helps to reduce the weight. Moreover, the potassium content is high in jaggery, and hence it helps build the muscles and boosts the process of weight loss. Unlike sugars where the amount of fat is high, jaggery powder is a safer option.

At Shoonya Farms, we make organic jaggery powder from sugarcane extracted and manufactured in its most purified form. We preserve the natural goodness of sugarcane, keeping the taste factor in mind. Check out the products from our website.