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At Shoonya, you will find majestic Gir, Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Rathi, Hariana & Kapila cows with their beautiful calves. Carefully handpicked from their native tracts amid remote villages of India, these cows provide milk and manure that are unparalleled in quality.

What Our Customers Say

I have been ordering A2 milk from Shoonya Farms for last 1 year only because of the milk quality and A2 milk health benefits. Best part is that their quality has remained the same from the very first day. It tastes so pure. Definitely the best organic A2 milk provider out there.

Geetanjali Pandey

I tried Shoonya jaggery and it tasted great. It's a great subtitute for granulated sugar in baking and cooking. I would recommend it to anyone who is into healthy alternatives that are just as tasty if not better.

Revanth Challagalla

This was our first time consuming organically grown dal but the difference in Shoonya dal and the regular dal was remarkable. Zero impurities so less effort spent in sorting and sieving of the dal. The change in taste was also palpable, there was a subtle softness and
treshness once it was cooked.

Srishti & Drishti Agarwal

I always thought all brands of honey were the same, but that was before I tried the products from Shoonya farms. I can now confidently say that there is definitelya difference in what they make and any other brand
available in the market. Their honey actually tastes better and I see the difference between organic honey and store bought stuff. The first one l bought was Multiflora honey, loved it and how now tried all the others too. My tavourite tlavors are Dhaniya Nectar and Eucalyptus.

Nandini Mishra

Shoonya's mustard oil is authentic and delicious. I have been using it for almost a year to cook various dishes and it has truly enhanced the taste of the food.

Minie Gandhi

I had tried Shoonya Ghee and just wanted to let you know that my entire family loved it! What an amazing texture the Ghee had granular and excellent taste. My girls love to eat a spoonful of it daily during lunchtime. I even started cooking a few dishes in ghee and he whole family told me the dishes tasted much better!

Akansha Joshi

Elevating lifestyles

The Shoonya legacy

Through our organic farming model, we want to build a sustainable environment for our farmers, consumers, and entrepreneurs alike, so that it can be passed onto future generations.

Prioritizing India’s health through organic, farm-fresh products

Organic is the symbol of purity and we ensure that the farm products that reach your kitchen comply with organic or natural farming standards. Our team of experts are well-acquainted concerning the usage of cutting-edge technologies that are used in organic farming. Our highly qualified professional team continuously strives for excellence and works towards meeting consumer-specific requirements proactively. As a reputed farm with a wide range of products, the motto of Shoonya Farms is to provide natural and organic farm produce of unmatched quality at a reasonable price.

Lab-tested and certified organic farm products

● Tested by experts

● Certified by concerned authorities

● Fully compliant with all regulatory norms

● Professionally packaged maintaining hygiene standards

● Has a clear expiry date printed on its label

Responsibility towards our consumers

Since people trust us with the best online organic farm products, we make it our responsibility to deliver products with all the goodness of nature. We care about our customers and strive to create a healthy culture of consuming pure food items. Making use of natural and organic farm products in daily life is not only helpful in maintaining good health but also in keeping unwanted health problems at bay.

● No adulteration

● Rich in anti-oxidants

● May improve cardiovascular health

● Good taste

● No pesticide residue

● Can boost the immune system

● No poisonous chemicals

● Competitively priced

Extensive product list

As a top-notch organic farm product brand in India, our product list is varied and we plan to add multiple categories over time. Without a dearth of choices, you can shop for the best quality natural and organic products with us. Our logistic setup ensures products are delivered in a good condition, on time and to customers all over India.

● Availability of product varieties

● Regularly updated product list

● On-time and assured delivery

● Minimal delivery charges

Shoonya Farms
Plot 91, Kasna Ecotech 1, Extension 1
Greater Noida, UP, India -201308
Call 7540900800 to book your visit at Shoonya Farms!

Visit days: Sat & Sun

Visit timings: 10:00 hrs -13:00 hrs or post 17:00 hrs